Your Body and Brain on Drugs

The effects of specific drugs over your body and brain can be fatal sometimes. However, unless they get an overdose, most people are less likely to die from their first use. With time, they develop an unusual addiction that leaves serious marks over their health. Marijuana is one of the most popular illegal drugs. It is widely used all across the world. Sometimes, it might be legal for medical purposes. In other countries, it is also legalized for regular use.

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Effects over the brain

As the THC in marijuana joins the brain, it is responsible for an unusual state of euphoria. Addicts refer to it as a high feeling. Practically, the substance alters the rewarding system of the brain. Different people like different rewards, such as chocolate or even sex. All in all, THC underlines the secretion of extra dopamine, hence the feelings of happiness. Relaxation, laughter and a high appetite are also among the signs of an addiction. All in all, as the euphoria tends to fade away, the smoker often feels anxious or depressed. Sometimes, the consumption might lead to panic or anxiety too.

brain on drugsMarijuana affects the brain in a lot of different uses. For example, it can prevent a patient from developing new memories, so they often forget the moments of euphoria. They fail to focus too, but they also have problems in coordinating their moves. Various and simple tasks are impossible to conduct, not to mention about more “complicated” ones like driving.

High doses of this drug lead to acute psychosis, hallucinations and the misidentification of personal identity. Longterm uses go even further than that because all these problems tend to become permanent. The brain is no longer able to recover after a dose. It loses its capacity with time. This is how the regular use of THC has been associated with schizophrenia.

Effects over the body

You only need a few minutes to boost your heart rate after smoking marijuana. Eyes look injected and red too due to the expansion of blood vessels in the area. In some cases, the heart rate might even double up. All these effects can seriously be enhanced if you mix marijuana with other drugs.

According to numerous research studies, it seems that the risks of having a heart attack are 400% higher after smoking marijuana than normally, especially during the first hour. This is because of the impressive arterial tension caused by the THC.