Want a Clear Mind? Don’t Use Drugs

Drug addiction might carry a few different definitions, but most importantly, it determines the repetitive and obsessive use of various drugs. Drugs might take a few different forms and can include alcohol, prescription medications, caffeine, illegal drugs and so on. An addiction also occurs when you can experience specific withdrawal symptoms as you try to quit the addiction. The effects of an addiction are both emotional and physical. They can also be observed by family members, close friends and even random people the addict might get in touch with.

The unpleasant effects of a drug addiction can easily outweigh their so called benefits. You might feel happier, more active or “high” for a few minutes or hours, but this is pretty much it. These benefits are not worth the damaging adverse reactions. Regular drug usage will ruin your mind, as well as multiple organs.

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At the same time, you risk getting to jail too. You might be able to find legal drugs as well, yet most of them seem to take to the same final result in one way or another – jail time. Since a lot of people choose to drink legal alcohol, it usually leads to a violent behavior and plenty of problems. Alcohol can cause coma and death, so you can imagine how severe illicit drugs are.

Psychological adverse reactions of drugs

clear thinkingThe addiction is responsible for all the emotional adverse reactions. When becoming an addict, you practically expose your brain chemicals to some changes. At a first glance, most people start taking drugs because they want to feel better, overcome stress, forget about problems or just because their entourage does. With time, you will inevitably feel like taking drugs whenever you want to experience the same effects. This is the psychological effect known as a craving. It is directly responsible for causing an addiction.

The effects of such an addiction are widely diversified and usually depend on the drug you are taking. Wild mood changes, anxiety, violent behaviors, paranoia or depression are just some of the most common ones. Everyday activities tend to lose their pleasure as well, not to mention about developing or complicating mental illnesses. Confusions, hallucinations and the desire to experience risky behaviors are very common as well. With time, the body will increase the natural tolerance to the drug, so addicts crave for more and more until they end up dead due to an overdose or some damaged organs.