Testimonials from Wilderness Treatment Students!

wilderness treatment testimonialsThose who take treatment seriously always come out the other side with a new perspective on life.  Don’t take our word for it!  Check out what actual students at wilderness centers have to say:

Of course I resisted treatment at first, but soon I was having a blast.  After I relaxed, I began to reflect and gain insight into what life could have been like if I was sober.  I harmed myself and those around me, but I’ve made amends, made oaths, been sober and intend to stay that way!  Life is good again thanks to my time at a WTC.” ~ Mark N.

Insight into one’s own situation is the key to a life-long recovery.  Realize the damage we’ve done and wanting to fix it and stop it for the right reasons provides a permanent motivation to remain sober.

“Being yanked out of my social circle in the city and moved into the fields and woods changed everything.  Learning how to get along and care for my new (and difficult) treatment family gave me the self-confidence it would take to be independent back home.  Learning to say no was an early step.  Learning why I want to say no was the big one.” ~ John B.

Knowing who we are and becoming who we want to be is a part of maturation and growth and is essential to maintaining healthy boundaries.

“For me, a decently smart kid who was bored at school and bored at home, I wanted a quick entertainment fix.  It started with drugs, and then chasing the high of disobedience and mischief.  But it never lasted and only caused more problem.  Now I’m chasing longer term goals, like a career, hobbies, and contributing to society.  Life is as bad as we make it, and as good as we make it.  We have the power to choose.” ~ Joseph C.

The tint of our sunglasses determines our outlook.  If it’s too dark, we can choose a different pair!  Our thinking controls our perception.

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