Substance Abuse Effects on the Body and Mind

Drugs represent some substances that change the perception over self or the surrounding reality once inside the body. The abusive use can lead to both physical and emotional addiction, not to mention about a series of severe disorders and behavioral changes. Becoming addicted implies losing the freedom to stop using the respective substance.

An addict is an individual who takes drugs regularly, only to obtain a specific state. Overdoses occur when the addict takes more drugs than what the body can support. Some drugs are so harsh that an overdose can be fatal. Overdoses occur when the dose is severely increased or when particular substances are mixed with others.

Different types of drugs and their effects

effects of drugs paranoiaSome drugs are illegal. Most of them are extremely severe. Some others are legal, but they can be just as addictive. Alcohol is the most accessible drug because it is inexpensive and legal. The liquid substance is obtained by fermenting fruits or vegetables. It reduces the inhibition and determines a state of good mood and relaxation.

However, it also reduces the possibility to concentrate and make informed decisions, not to mention about losing self control. As for the physical effects, it leads to balancing, losing control, respiratory affections, cardiac problems and lack of reflexes. In huge amounts, it can lead to coma and even death.

As you’re seeing above and below, any drug, even the legal and commercially marketed ones, can have a devastating impact on your physical and mental health, familial and social relationships, career, and so much more.  Don’t let addiction destroy the life you’ve built through hard work and love.  If you’re within the U.S. then our directory can lead you to the help you deserve.  If you’re within the U.K., please visit our associates Addiction Helper to find a local addiction treatment center.

Tobacco is just as common. It is obtained by drying and mincing tobacco leaves. They are usually smoked, but they can be chewed too. The physical effects include a false feeling of relaxation and concentration, as well as calmness. However, the nicotine is actually responsible for a boost in the adrenaline, so it is hard to understand how smokers actually feel calm. An overdose leads to vomit and dizziness. The affection causes respiratory, circulatory and cardiac diseases, as well as cancer.

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Finally, caffeine is one of the most popular drugs in the world. It is available in soda drinks, tea, coffee, cocoa, chocolate and even some medications. It stimulates the intellectual activity and boosts the power of concentration. In large amounts, it causes anxiety and irritability. Some of the most common physical effects include tremor, low appetite, insomnia, gastric disorder and a high arterial tension. Therefore, exaggerating with caffeine will most likely affect your heart as well.

While these drugs can be very harmful, the illegal ones react a lot faster and can cause death overnight, so try to avoid any of them.