How a WTC Brings Your Troubled Child Back To You

If you have a child that is on drugs or dealing with behavioral issues, there are different treatment options available for them. One thing you should consider is wilderness treatment. Below is some information about how this treatment plan works so you can determine if it is right for your child.


WTC troubled teenThe first stage of wilderness treatment is cleansing. Your child is in an unhealthy environment when they are out with their friends that also do drugs. With wilderness treatment, they are brought into the wilderness away from anything that will influence them to do drugs.  With many wilderness treatment programs, your child will learn how to eat healthy foods, exercise each day, and taught basic survival skills.

This first stage is important, as it starts your child on the course of learning how to be responsible for their actions. This learning continues throughout their treatment.

Responsibility for Their Actions

The second phase of this treatment plan is learning what the results are of their actions. The counselors will take the children on long hikes, and then teach them how to set up camp once they arrive at the location. The children will be taught how to start a fire without using any kind of matches or lighters, and then how to cook their own food.

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If your child refuses to learn how to do these things, they will sit out in the cold and/or rain while everyone else is sleeping warm in their tents. They will also have to eat cold food because they didn’t learn how to start a fire. This will push them to learn how to do these things so they will not have to go through this the next night.

Social Skills

Your child will be taught social skills by communicating with the other people in their group and their field instructors. They will be expected to talk about their drug problem, what got them started, and how much they are struggling with quitting.  Learning how to open up is an important part of any drug treatment program. This allows the counselor to understand what your child is going through, so they can provide them with best type of treatment.

Get Ready to Go Home

When the wilderness training is completed, your child must learn how to take their new learning home with them. Your family may be asked to take some training classes so you can help your child continue their healthy behaviors once they get back home.  You may also take some educational classes so you can have a better understanding of how your child is feeling.

The wilderness camp may set your child up with a counselor or other types of support resources once they get home so they can continue their therapy, and not fall back into their old habits.

Now that you have learned how wilderness treatment works, you can compare it to other types of drug treatment programs to help you decide which one is best for your child.