Is Substance Abuse a Legit Disability?

Understanding a drug addiction might seem impossible for a lot of people. However, since the addiction has both physical and psychical symptoms, overcoming it can be a real challenge. According to a lot of recent studies, it seems that addictions … Continued

Illicit Drugs Only Temporarily Help Depression

It is very important to realize that no matter how fun, high, helpful or relieving illicit drugs can be, they have a few side effects that simply cannot outweigh their benefits. First of all, most of them cause addiction. Addiction … Continued

Don’t Drown Out Domestic Violence With Drugs!

The connection between domestic violence and drugs (including both illicit drugs and legal drugs like alcohol) is extremely complex. From some points of view, a common myth claims that drugs and alcohol are usually responsible for domestic violence. Addicts are … Continued

Can Substance Abuse Cause Schizophrenia?

According to a series of studies, it seems that the constant use of illicit drugs (cannabis, marijuana, LSD and others) and the alcohol addiction might be responsible for increasing the risks of developing schizophrenia, as well as psychosis. One of … Continued

Accidental and Purposeful Drug Overdose

An overdose occurs when a particular drug or substance is taken in very high amounts (more than indicated). The toxicity is too high for the body to control it accordingly, leading to a series of adverse reactions. Sometimes, mild overdoses … Continued

Abusing Your Mental Health Medications

Just like any other type of medication, the mental health medications are given in some cycles. In other words, you are not allowed to take whole blisters of medications at once, but one or two at a particular period of … Continued

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