How a WTC Brings Your Troubled Child Back To You

If you have a child that is on drugs or dealing with behavioral issues, there are different treatment options available for them. One thing you should consider is wilderness treatment. Below is some information about how this treatment plan works … Continued

Testimonials from Wilderness Treatment Students!

Those who take treatment seriously always come out the other side with a new perspective on life.  Don’t take our word for it!  Check out what actual students at wilderness centers have to say: Of course I resisted treatment at … Continued

Substance Abuse Effects on the Body and Mind

Drugs represent some substances that change the perception over self or the surrounding reality once inside the body. The abusive use can lead to both physical and emotional addiction, not to mention about a series of severe disorders and behavioral … Continued

Substance Abuse Causes Irrevocable Neurological Damage

Everyone can tell how harmful drugs are, yet plenty of individuals are doing them. However, from a medical perspective, it can be quite challenging to attribute specific damage to particular drugs. Each type of drug “focuses” on specific organs or … Continued

Your Body and Brain on Drugs

The effects of specific drugs over your body and brain can be fatal sometimes. However, unless they get an overdose, most people are less likely to die from their first use. With time, they develop an unusual addiction that leaves … Continued

Substance Abuse and a Clear Cognition

From some points of view, addiction is not necessarily a matter of willing, but a chronic affection related to the brain. Unfortunately for addicts, the brain tissues responsible for an addiction often tend to overlap with other neural areas that … Continued

Seek a Substance Abuse Counselor

Seeking help from a substance abuse counselor might be the one and only option for a lot of addicts. However, it is very important to know that choosing a counselor is more confusing than choosing an undertaker. No one really … Continued

Resisting Peer Pressure for Substance Abuse

Peer pressure is the main reason for first drug or alcohol uses in 99% of all addicts. People try to fit into specific social circles, so they follow the “local” trends and habits. While everyone tries to tell them that … Continued

Want a Clear Mind? Don’t Use Drugs

Drug addiction might carry a few different definitions, but most importantly, it determines the repetitive and obsessive use of various drugs. Drugs might take a few different forms and can include alcohol, prescription medications, caffeine, illegal drugs and so on. … Continued

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