Who is Right for Wilderness Therapy?

Wilderness Therapy is receiving growing attention as a means of therapeutic intervention.  More wilderness therapy treatment programs are being offered every year. If you are considering wilderness therapy for yourself or a loved one, it is important to assess whether … Continued

Is Wilderness Treatment Effective?

Wilderness Therapy is a growing type of personal psychotherapy treatment. Many parents are exploring the possibility of utilizing wilderness therapy programs to address their children’s behavioral or social issues. The biggest concern for those interested in therapeutic options is whether … Continued

The Wilderness Therapeutic Approach

Admittedly, there are a growing number of programs operating in the entire United States that uses “wilderness therapy”.  But what exactly does “wilderness therapy” entail? The wilderness therapeutic approach can be defined and characterized in a slew of ways.  The … Continued

Typical Wilderness Therapy Methods

Wilderness therapy has gained a lot of recent attention in the psychotherapy field. Though “wilderness therapy” seems like it might be self-explanatory, with no standard industry regulation, it can be tough to tell what “wilderness therapy” really is. What methods … Continued

Wilderness Treatment FAQs

What is Wilderness Treatment? Wilderness treatment is a type of therapy program that involves established, clinically accepted therapeutic techniques into an outdoor setting. This is not a “boot camp” approach, but mental health professionals provide therapeutic services for clients in … Continued

Typical Wilderness Treatment Daily Schedule

Of course, on the days when you’re out on the wilderness expedition, the schedule varies based on whatever the adventure brings, but your typical experience in the residential portion of your stay is pretty predictable no matter what treatment center … Continued